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Construction & Rehabilitation of Classrooms in the Malindi District

The schools in the district are in a state that does not allow the existence of basic learning conditions. The goal of the project is to provide proper infrastructure for students and thereby improve the level of education and raise the awareness of the importance of education among the population.

The school project will be conducted in the format of small, high-quality volunteer delegations. Each delegation will renovate one school together with local workers and volunteers and set a uniform threshold between the schools in the district: stabilizing infrastructure, painting and decorating classes, providing clean running water, installing toilets, fixing ceiling leaks, building tables and windows, and buying uniforms for all students who cannot afford for themselves - all of which does not currently exist.

Afrikan’s activities are wholly volunteer based. Delegations sent to Tanzania travel and stay at their own expense. Each delegation, carefully curated through application processes, is comprised of a small, number of qualified young volunteers, with a high concentration of those with officer training. Each delegation is prepared ahead of time with a detailed and uniform plan for one school renovation and the installation of a clean water line, thereby ensuring implementation begins almost immediately and no time is wasted.

Donate directly to specific village projects, or join us as part of the next delegation!

YOU choose where your donation goes

and where your contribution will make a difference!

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