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our delegations

The delegations will be led by young ex-military Israeli volunteers, in small, high-quality groups.

Each delegation will receive tasks of a school renovation project and a clean water infrastructure renovation project.

In addition, in each school that is renovated, the delegation will provide uniforms for all students enrolled in the school, with an emphasis on students who do not attend school due to financial reasons.

The toilets will be renovated, the walls will be whitewashed, windows will be installed tables will be built and more.

Each delegation will have up to ten volunteers.

Each volunteer will take on a responsibility role that he / she will manage during our stay.

For example; a variety of roles in the renovation process, documentation and photography, budget management, etc.

The delegations will spend about a month, during which time the delegation will stay at a local guesthouse.

All expenses - flights, insurance, transportation room and board  will be financed by the volunteers and their estimated cost is about 4000 NIS.

The preparation process

The selection process begins with online registration. Eligible candidates will be invited for an interview with Afrikan’s staff. A few weeks after the interview, the delegation group will be assembled.


The process of preparation for the delegation includes a number of meetings in which professional, ethical and mental preparation for the delegation will occur.

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