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100% of donations goes directly to the children and residents of district villages.

Fund a Students School Uniform

One school uniform:

$15 usd /50 nis 

Fund the purchase of a school uniform for a child whose family cannot afford it. This donation has a direct impact on any child currently unable to attend the village school, and provides a head start on their formal education.

Village Water Infrastructure and Installation

Filtering and transporting clean water to an entire village: 

$1600 usd /5000 nis

This donation includes financing excavation equipment, kilometres of pipes, installation of taps in village centre, and continuous water quality checks. All physical work is done voluntarily by the locals.

Entire School Renovation 

Complete school renovation project:

$20,000 usd / 63,000 nis


This renovation includes payment to a local contractor, plastering, sealing, painting and interior design of all classrooms.

Construction of a playground, study benches.

Installation of proper bathroom facilities and installation of a clean water pipe to a school of approximately 600-800 students.

A ceremony of gratitude and farewell to the first delegation

Donations may be made to:
Bank Discont Zichron Yaakov - Bank number 11
Branch -095
Account number - 182064435
Name - Afrikan

For tax deductable donations in the US (501C3) :

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