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The first delegation, the beginning of change in the village of Malindi.

Afrikan - Education and basic living conditions

Afrikan, an Israeli NGO, was founded by a group of former military officers who, during a trip to the province of Lushoto in northern Tanzania, found themselves in a small village in the Malindi district. Shocked by the deplorable living conditions, their immediate inclination was to take action. As fate usually does, it intervened in the form of Eliya Masomba, the new Head of the Malindi sub-district, who oversees approximately 40,000 residents and eight schools.

After deep discussions ensued with Eliya, primarily regarding the differences in cultural, educational, and living standards between the two countries, an initial plan was created to make small, but consequential changes to Malindi’s education infrastructure. Upon their return to Israel, fundraising campaigns were initiated, and a team of committed volunteers was formed. Once launched, the Afrikan team began its pioneering work on the school renovation project, eventually expanding into implementing new water infrastructures as well.

Afrikan’s agenda was to coordinate with Eliya and the local government, use locally sourced materials, and form teams comprised of local villagers, thereby ensuring a complete collaboration. What resulted was a new sense of pride and inspiration among the local population.

Afrikan in the News

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