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 Construction & Implementation of Water Infrastructure in the Malindi District

Water is a basic condition for life, but currently 95% of the district's residents do not have access to clean running water. The state of the water in most of the districts is a significant factor in the high level of poverty and morbidity of the villagers. Afrikan's water infrastructure project promotes the implementation of new and/or improvement of existing water sources to ensure clean water for the entire village. 


Each of the district's counties is facing a critical shortage of piping and basic water transport infrastructure, causing buckets to be hauled from remote and polluted water sources. Many villagers, children and elderly among them walk over 2 kilometers in each direction, simply to collect water. The combination of the two cause many diseases such as typhoid, decreased hygiene and premature death to run rampant.

Money saved from caring for patients will be invested in the economic and social advancement of the villagers. Afrikan's water projects are managed by delegation volunteers in cooperation with local skilled workers such as plumbers. It is carried out voluntarily and in full collaboration with the district's administrative Water Authority. Afrikan provides the financing of the project and ensures the implementation of the work plan.​

A sustainability bonus! Some of Afrikan's water projects will be funded by autonomous programs such as the recycling of used mobile phones from Israel.

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