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Impact is the effect of your work on the community and the people that live in it.

The information presented below sums the impact we managed to achieve in 2 delegations.




The number of schools rebuilt in order to provide suitable classrooms for quality education

The number of students for whom a school uniform was purchased because their family could not afford it

the number of schools connected to clean water source 




Percentage decrease in morbidity in water-connected schools 

Percentage increase in transition from primary school, that was renovated, to middle school compared to previous years

The number of new tables built in order to provide a suitable study environment



30000 $

number of Students with access to clean water in school

Number of residents with access to water in the village who used to walk 5km with a bucket on their head to a water source

The grant from the local government after being impressed by the amazing process that Malindi village is going through

"In fact you started a revolution in Melindi and it is spreading to the whole county"
-Elia Msumba

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