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Empowering Tanzanians to create a sustainable improvement in their basic life conditions through cooperation and collaboration with Israeli Ex-military volunteers

Our Mission

Afrikan is a non-profit organization that enables Tanzanians to develop basic clean water infrastructure and improve educational conditions within their villages.

Afrikan can make a large impact with very limited resources at a relatively low cost, overcoming extreme poverty by cooperating with Tanzanian villagers to enhance their very basic living conditions, such that even marginal improvements are of tremendous significance.

Afrikan’s program emphasizes the importance of working in full cooperation  with the head of the district and in consultation with the heads of the villages and school principals. All labour and equipment is locally sourced, so that the benefits are shared by all public employees and residents.

Join our fundraising campaign and help us change the lives of thousands.

"You have started a revolution in Malindi and now it's spreading all over the country"

Elia Masomba,
Head of Malindi sub-district
(Oversees approximately 40,000 residents and eight schools)

Our partners
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